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Rates Rates

Server Chronicle: Interlude

Exp: x7

SP: x8

Adena: x5

Drop: x5

Spoil: x4

RB Exp: x7

RB SP: x8

RB Drop: x3

World Boss: x1 Quest Exp/SP: x3 Quest Adena: x2

Feature List Feature List

Multibox - 5 Windows limit.

Autopickup - YES, for everything mobs,rb,wb.

∘ Enchantment

       Enchant, Safe +4, Max +16

       Chance, Normal scroll 49%, Blessed Scroll 58%

∘ Olympiad

       15 days Olympiad period - from 1st February.

       Heroes every 15th and 1st of each month - Olympiad Rewards reduced to 50%.

       Olympiad will operate only on Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday - Last day for 1st period is Sunday

11 Feb, heroes on 15th.

       Non-class based Olympiad ONLY.

       Minimum 9 Registrants to start.

       6h olympiad on the operation days from 19:00 until 02:00 (GR Time GMT+2)

7 Signs - Retail like with curse removed.

Offline Shop - YES, for 30+ level characters.

Cursed Weapons - from 1st February.

Giran Trade Zones - Click me

Events - Once a week randomly, few of our old auto events will take place with Accessories as rewards.

Skill Autolearn - NO, but you only require SP to learn them and NOT spellbooks. Spellbooks are

removed from the game.

Vote Reward System - Get Rune of Loyalty as reward for voting for L2 Zeus in Hopzone & L2 Network

and get 6% P. Attack/M. Attack and 4% Cast. Speed/Att. Speed for 12hours!

Offline Buff Stores - Setup an offline buff store and serve your buffs for a price.

Buffs, Dances/Songs/Other Buffs - Retail times for normal buffs, except songs/dances/cov/vop

/summoner buffs that will last 5 minutes.

Sublcass - Quest required.

∘ Class Change

       1st class transfer - 100k adena or manually by quest.

       2nd class transfer - 1kk adena or manually by quest.

       3rd class transfer - manually by quest.

∘ World Bosses

      ↪ Queen Ant: 24h + 2h random

      ↪ Core: 40h + 1h random

      ↪ Orfen: 32h + 1h random

      ↪ Zaken: 44h + 2h random

      ↪ Baium: 120h + 2h random

      ↪ Antharas: 194h + 2h random

      ↪ Valakas: 264h

      ↪ Frintezza: 48h

∘ Sales Store

       Sales Manager located in Giran/Aden/Rune/Goddard.

       Starter Pack - Click me

       B-Grade Armor/Weapon/Jewels

       Enchant values

∘ Commands

       .guide - Opens up a guide with all commands and small server tips.

       .party - Automatic party build up system, appears regional - from 1st February.

       .getreward - Vote reward for few toplists.

       .packadena - Exchanging 500kk adena for 1 Gold Brick.

       .unpackadena - Exchanging 1 Gold Brick for 500kk adena.

       .auction - Opens up the Auction house.

       .time - Shows the current server time.

       .offline - After you setuped your Private Store, use this command for offline mode.

       .secondary - Add/Change secondary password on your account.

       .expon / .expoff - Activates and deactivates the exp gains.

       .buffshield - Protects you from unwanted buffs, you will be able to receive buffs only from party members.

Community Auction - Using ALT+B will open up an auction house for items/materials/consumables.

Stackable Items - All Giant's Codex, spellbooks, enchants and life stones are stackable.

Permanent Recommendations - Recommends are staying permantely in your characters, every

Monday at 13:00 all characters get 9 bonus recommendations.

∘ Clan/Alliance & War Features

       12 hour penalty for leaving a clan.

       12 hour clan penalty for dismissing a clan member.

       24 hour alliance penalty for dissolving/dismissing an alliance or a clan from it.

       War tags appear on orange colour (C5 like).

∘ Level Required to use Chat/PM/Shout/Trade channels

       15+ level required to use ALL chat.

       20+ level required to use Shout/Trade voice.

       25+ level required to use private message (PM).

       20+ level required to open a private store.

    Quest Chance Rate Count Reward
    Kamael: A window to the future x1 x1 x0.2
    Clean up the swamp of screams x1 x1 x3
    Zero Hour x1 x1 x3
    Necromancer's Request x1 x1 x3
    An Ice Merchants Dream x1 x1 x3
    In the Forgotten Village x1 x1 x3
    Hot Spring quests for jewels x1 x1 x1
    Alliance with Varka/Ketra x2 x1
    War With Varka/Ketra x1 x1 x1
    Gather the Flames x1 x1 x1
    Relics of the old empire x1 x1 x1
    Exploration of Giant's cave 1&2 x5 x2 x1
    Whisper of dreams 1&2 +10% x2 x1
    Legacy of insolence x1 x2 x1
    Supplier of Reagents x2 x1 x1
    Seekers of the holy grail x1 x1 x2
    Guardians of the holy grail x1 x1 x2
    The Finest Ingredients x1 x1 x1
    700 mobs 3rd class transfer x1 x1 x1

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