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 - The Reload Update - "The Reload" Update

New Features

Added Shop up to B-Grade Equipment for adena.
NG/D-Grade/C-Grade/B-Grade Weapons/Armors/Jewels D-C-B.
Added various Quest Items for adena:
       Blooded Fabric (20.000.000a)
       Portal Stone (25.000.000a)
       Floating Stone (30.000.000a)

Added Shining Bow Recipe and key materials to the game.
Added Shining Bow Recipe to the Quests: Gather the Flames & Relics of the Old Empire.
Added Shining Bow full drop & key materials to the same raids dropping draconic bow.
Added Shining Bow Special Ability options on Blacksmith of Mammon. (Special Abilities require the same crystal colour as Draconic Bow)

Added Offline Buff Stores.
You can now choose a spot and place your buffers/dancers/songers selling buffs at your own rate.
The minimum amount you can sell your buffs is 2.500 adena each.
Buyer can setup his own scheme at multiple buff stores he desires. (scheme breaks when buffstore adjusts a price change)
Buff seller takes the 85% of the adena earnings, while the rest 15% are going on the castle vault of the buff store regional location.

Added Gatekeeper somewhere in the entrance of Forge of the Gods with teleport on top of the cliff.
(faster road to the lower level)
       The cost of the teleportation is 190.000 adena.

You can now earn Tateossian Jewelry Recipes through NPC Rooney through Gather the Flames Quest.
       x300 Torch for Tateossian Ring.
       x450 Torch for Tateossian Earring.
       x600 Torch for Tateossian Necklace.

Tateossian Recipes have now chances to be given as well with a random weapon S-Grade Recipe as reward by the Gather the Flames Quest
(x1000 torch randomizer)
       30% for Tateossian Ring.
       20% for Tateossian Earring.
       10% for Tateossian Necklace.
There is always a chance to get multiple recipes while randomizing.

Tateossian Recipes have now chances to be given as well with a random weapon S-Grade Recipe as reward by the Relics of the Old Empire Quest
(x1000 Broken Relic Part randomizer)
       40% for Tateossian Ring.
       30% for Tateossian Earring.
       20% for Tateossian Necklace.
There is always a chance to get multiple recipes while randomizing.

Academy Newbie Helper's System.
Joining an academy will now provide users 20% more exp & 30% more adena earnings.
User can acquire those bonuses until level 44.
Notification Messages to all freshly created characters about the Newbie Helper's System will appear every 10 minutes for 1 hour total period until player joins an academy.

Game Changes

All the Clan halls are reset for auction. (Only level 5 clans are now able to bid in the auctioneer)
All the Castles are reset to default.
       Only 3 Castles will be available for the first sieges. (Giran Castle - 3rd of March 21:00 GMT+2,
      Innadril Castle - 4th of March 21:00 GMT+2 & Aden Castle - 5th of March 21:00 GMT+2 &)
       Every 2 weeks on the next sieges 1 additional castle will be added to be sieged.
       Castle's Vault will now get benefited by the offline buff stores of each region earnings.
      (standard 15% tax)
All Tateossian Jewelry recipes deleted from inventories,warehouses,auctions,clan warehouses.
Baium droplist is now fixed. (x5 rated except epic jewel x1)
Added NPC Andromeda in Aden Temple.
Added .gotolove command with 45 seoncds cast time.
A maximum amount of 7 Registrants per Clan restriction added in olympiad games rounds.
Olympiad Games will now close registration 10 minutes before daily competition finishes.
Academy characters now providing x1.5 more points than retail.

Critical Game Changes

Skills are now auto learned.
Rune of Loyalty now grants 7% P. Attack/M. Attack, 5% Cast. Speed/Att. Speed, 4% M. Deffence/P. Deffence to the possessor.
Enchantment Chances are now: Normal Scroll 48%, Blessed Scroll 60%.
Dances/Songs/COV/VOP/COM/Profiecies/Pet Buffs are now lasting 10minutes. (Normal buffs remain 20minutes)
Retail Quests for Tateossian Jewelry Recipes removed from the game. (The Hot Springs quests)

Rate Changes

Experience: x10 (x7 previously)
Skill Points: x8 (x8 previously too, although now skills are autolearn)
Adena: x7 (x5 previously)
Drop: x7 (x5 previously)
Spoil: x6 (x4 previously)
RB Experience: x15 (x7 previously)
RB Skill Points: x8 (x8 previously too)
RB Drop: x5 (x3 previously)
World Boss: x1 (x1 previously too,
      *Altough Baium will now have x5 Item Drop chance while all the rest epic bosses will have x1)
Quest Exp/SP: x5 (x3 previously)
Quest Adena: x3 (x2 previously)
Seal Stones: x2.5 (x2 previously)
Herbs: x2 (x2 previously too)
Weight Limit: x3 (x2 previously)

Starter Pack Manager Changes

1st Class Transfer: 2 ZC (2 ZC previously too)
2nd Class Transfer: 5 ZC (8 ZC previously)
Buff Scrolls Set x3: 1 ZC (1 ZC previously too but x1 buff scrolls set)
Starter Pack: 1 ZC (3 ZC previously)
D-Grade Weapon: 4 ZC (10 ZC previously)
D-Grade Armor : 4 ZC (10 ZC previously)
D-Grade Jewlry: 2 ZC (5 ZC previously)

Donation Manager Changes

Prices adjusted to the current game state.
Third Class: 15 ZC (20 ZC previously)
Sub Class: 30 ZC (40 ZC previously)
Blood Mark: 1 ZC (5 ZC previously)
Alliance Manifesto: 5 ZC (10 ZC previously)
Seal of Aspiration: 5 ZC (10 ZC previously)
Clan Reputation x4.000: 8 ZC (10 ZC previously)
Random Accessory: 20 ZC (25 ZC previously)
C-Grade Weapon Low/Top: 6/8 ZC (20/25 ZC previously)
C-Grade Armor : 6 ZC (20 ZC previously)
C-Grade Jewlry: 3 ZC (15 ZC previously)
B-Grade Weapon Low/Top NO SA: 8/12 ZC (20/30 ZC previously)
B-Grade Weapon Low/Top + SA: 10/15 ZC (35/50 ZC previously)
B-Grade Armor Low/Top : 6/10 ZC (35/50 ZC previously)
B-Grade Jewlry Low/Top: 4/6 ZC (25/40 ZC previously)
B-Grade Weapon/Armor/Jewelry enchantment prices slightly lowered.
B-Grade Weapon/Armor/Jewelry limit increased to +14.


A-Grade Weapon Enchantment options up to +9
(There won't be over +9 enchantment on future on A-Grades)
Private Wyvern x125 ZC
Formal Wear x25 ZC
New Unique Acessories Randomizer x30 ZC

Coming in the near future

Real time olympiad points ranking and past olympiad points ranking.
Custom made Events such as our old Korean/TvT.
New Clan & Academy finder system option for newbies.
Soul Crystal Rates/Chances & Complete info for all weapons system.
Changelog window with full information about current & past server updates upon login.

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