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 - The Drachmas Return - The Drachmas Return

New Features

1. Added the retail Quest in Primeval for Interlude Weapons.
(Barakiel's Axe, Themis Tongue,Daimon Crystal...)
       Added Interlude Weapons full drops & keymats in their raid bosses.
2. Added Interlude accessories on the drop list of Lv. 70-76 Raid Bosses with 7.9% chance.
3. Added accessories on the drop list of Lv. 78-87 Raid Bosses with 3.9% chance.
4. Added Developer Tracker - Changelog upon login.
You are able now to read current & past game fixes/changes/updates through the game.
5. Added command .soulcrystal.
       Full information about Soul Crystal Raid Bosses & their chances.
       Full information about RB Type of leveling (LAST_HIT,FULL_PARTY,ONE_PARTY_RANDOM)
       Full information about Weapons required crystals & colours.
6. Added Drachma System into the game.
       Drachmas to EURO Conversion Rate, 1€ = 340 Drachmas.
       Added Drachmas in droplist of monsters at: Antharas Lair,Hot Springs, Forge of the Gods.
       Drachmas will drop between 14:00 PM - 04:00 AM (GMT +2)
       Drachmas Areas Drop Rates.
             1-2 Drachmas with 8% in Antharas Lair.
             1-2 Drachmas with 12% in Hot Springs.
             1-2 Drachmas with 8% in Forge of the Gods.
             ***At start Drachma's will drop only 1 per mob, so we can check better our liquidity.
       Added Drachmas in droplist of raid bosses Lv. 70+
       Added Drachma Lobby NPC in Giran.
       Drachma Lobby offers teleportation.
             Teleportation in Antharas Lair, Cave for 37.000 adena.
             Teleportation in Antharas Lair, Karik's Cave for 98.000 adena.
             Teleportation in Antharas Lair, Deep Bridge 142.000 adena.
             Teleportation in Hot Springs, Uphill for 69.000 adena.
             Teleportation in Hot Springs, Red Water for 152.000 adena.
             Teleportation in Hot Springs, Golden Water for 152.000 adena.
             Teleportation in Forge of the Gods, Scarlet's Stakatos for 149.000 adena..
             Teleportation in Forge of the Gods, Arimanes's Lair for 204.000 adena.
             Teleportation in Forge of the Gods, Magma's Hell for 254.000 adena.
       Drachma Lobby shows latest 24hours top 15 Drachma Farmers, the amount they farmed,
      their clan crest and their class and level.
       Drachma Lobby shows the list of all Paypal & SKRILL transactions that were paid out.
       Drachma Lobby offers withdrawal service working every Wednesday
      from 19:00 until 24:00 GMT+2.
             You can withdraw minimum 3400 Drachma's (10€)
             You can choose either Skrill or Paypal as way of withdrawal and submit a correct
            email address where the money will be send.
             Withdrawals may take up to 24hours to be verified and completed.
7. Added Zariche & Akamanah to the game.
8. Added Olympiad current ranking system on the Olympiad Manager.

Game Changes

All the A-Grade & S-Grade Weapon/Armor/Jewel keymats will be deleted from inventories, warehouses,auctions,clan warehouses.
Drop Rate for Keymats is now x2 (instead of x5)
Spoil Rate for Keymats is now x2 (instead of x4)
RB Drop Rate for Keymats is now x1 (instead of x5)
RB Drop Rate for Enchant Scrolls is now x6 (instead of x5)
Olympiad now operates only Friday,Saturday,Sunday. (Thursday removed)
Olympiad minimum participants to start changed to 13. (Thursday removed)
Olympiad heroes are now chosen 3 times a month, every 1st, 11th and 21st of each month.
Hero voice now has a 15 seconds usage delay.
Dances/Songs/Prophecies/Summon Buffs are now lasting 20 minutes as well as normal buffs.

Fixes, Changes & small addons

Added 15 seconds spawn protection after you teleport.
You can no longer hit an offline buffer, only if it is in clan war accepted by both sides.
You can no longer sit as an offline buffstore if you are flagged or in combat.
All the buy/sell stores,buff stores & auctions are reset.
Blooded Fabric Price changed from 20.000.000 to 25.000.000 adena.
Floating Stone price changed from 30.000.000 to 25.000.000 adena.
Added Frintezza's Magic Removal Scroll for 350.000.000 adena.
Fixed bug with Ketra/Varka alliance level being lowered while you were in town, now you will only lose alliance levels if you are near the party member that kills the monsters.

Rates Changes

Experience: x12 (x10 previously)
Adena: x8 (x7 previously)
Drop: x7 (x7 previously too)
Spoil: x6 (x4 previously)
RB Experience: x15 (x12 previously)
RB Drop: x5 (x5 previously too, keymats & enchant scrolls now have different rate formula)
RB Drop Keymats: x2
RB Drop Enchant Scrolls: x6
World Boss: x1 (x1 previously too)
Seal Stones: x3 (x2.5 previously)
Herbs: x2 (x2 previously too)
Weight Limit: x3 (x3 previously too)

Donation Manager Changes

Prices adjusted to the current game state.
Sub Class: 25 ZC (30 ZC previously)
Clan Reputation x4.000: 8 ZC (10 ZC previously)
Random Ordinary Accessory: 10 ZC (20 ZC previously)
Random Special Accessory: 15 ZC (30 ZC previously)
255 Permanent Recomendations: 15 ZC (25 ZC previously)
Private Wyvern: 100 ZC (125 ZC previously)
Formal Wear: 20 ZC (25 ZC previously)
B-Grade Weapon/Armor/Jewelry enchantment prices slightly lowered.
B-Grade Weapon/Armor/Jewelry limit increased to +16.
A-Grade Weapon/Armor/Jewelry enchantment prices slightly lowered.
A-Grade Weapon/Armor/Jewelry limit increased to +10.


       Botting in Drachma's dropping area, punishment is 15.000' min jail & delete of
      drachma's in all your chars.
       Botting in any other area, punishment is 10.000' min jail.
Hero Voice
       Only GR/ENG allowed in hero voice.
       Only kind speech is allowed on hero voice.
       Flaming with an other player in hero voice, 5.000' mute on both.
       Flaming an other non-hero on hero voice, or even triggering him, 5.000' mute on the hero only.
       Flaming GM staff in hero voice, 5.000' mute.
       Flaming the server in hero voice, 10.000' mute.
       Talking or arguing in agressive mood in hero voice, 5.000' mute.


Noblesse Quest for 20 ZC
PK Removal Service, 15 PK for 2 ZC
Silver Boiled Egg: 1 ZC (2,000 Eggs limited sale, 4 times a month)
A Silver Boiled Egg contains various useful stuff inside, always with a chance of uncovering an extra Golden Egg.
Added brand new accessories, obtainable only through Silver Boiled Eggs.

Raidbosses & Drop Rates

Ice Fairy Sirra
(Lv. 60)
Gargoyle Lord Tiphon
(Lv. 65)
Shilen's Messenger Cabrio
(Lv. 70)
Sirra's Blade (4.9%)
Sirra's Blade Edge, 5-15 (44.97%)
Tiphon's Spear (4.9%)
Tiphon's Spear Edge, 5-15 (44.97%)
Cabrio's Hand (4.9%)
Cabrio's Hand Head, 5-15 (44.97%)
Iron Circlet (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
(Lv. 70)
Roaring Skylancer
(Lv. 70)
Fafurion's Herald Lokness
(Lv. 70)
Piggy Hat (7.9%)
Artisan's Goggles (7.9%)
Butterfly Hairpin (7.9%)
Palibati Queen Themis
(Lv. 70)
Beast Lord Behemoth
(Lv. 70)
Anakim's Nemesis Zakaron
(Lv. 70)
Themis' Tongue (4.9%)
Themis' Tongue Piece, 5-15 (44.97%)
Half Face Mask (7.9%)
Behemoth's Tuning Fork (4.9%)
Behemoth's Tuning Fork Piece, 5-15 (44.97%)
Teddy Bear Hat (7.9%)
Demon Horns (7.9%)
Flame of Splendor Barakiel (
Lv. 70)
Meanas Anor
(Lv. 70)
Eilhalder von Hellmann
(Lv. 71)
Barakiel's Axe (4.9%)
Barakiel's Axe Piece, 5-15 (44.97%)
Little Angel Wings (7.9%)
Golden Noble Circlet (3.9%) Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Gran Kain's Black Mask (7.9%)
Pirate's Eye Patch (7.9%)
Immortal Savior Mardil
(Lv. 71)
Water Dragon Seer Sheshark
(Lv. 72)
Vanor Chief Kandra
(Lv. 72)
Sayha's White Mask (7.9%)
Pirate's Hat (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Leather Cap (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Doom Blade Tanatos
(Lv. 72)
Antharas Priest Cloe
(Lv. 74)
Krokian Padisha Sobekk
(Lv. 74)
Feathered Hat (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Wizard's Hat (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Sobekk's Hurricane (4.9%)
Sobekk's Hurricane Edge, 5-15 (44.97%)
Outlaw's Patch (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Icicle Emperor Bumbalump
(Lv. 74)
(Lv. 75)
Storm Winged Naga
(Lv. 75)
Fairy Antennae (7.9%)
Commodore's Hat (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Naga Storm (4.9%)
Naga Storm Piece, 5-15 (44.97%)
Eva's Mark (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Last Lesser Giant Olkuth
(Lv. 75)
Palatanos of Horrific Power
(Lv. 75)
Bloody Empress Decarbia
(Lv. 75)
Dapper Cap (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Mask of Spirits (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Diadem (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Death Lord Ipos
(Lv. 75)
Death Lord Shax
(Lv. 75)
Flamestone Giant
(Lv. 76)
Sword Of Ipos (4.9%)
Sword Of Ipos Blade, 5-15 (44.97%)
Luxurious Gold Circlet (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Jester's Hat (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Tateossian Hairband (7.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Ocean Flame Ashakiel
(Lv. 76)
Fire of Wrath Shuriel
(Lv. 78)
Last Lesser Giant Glaki
(Lv. 78)
Romantic Chapeau
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
White Pekingopera Mask (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Gorale Hat (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Hestia, Guardian Deity of
the Hot Springs (Lv. 78)
Daimon The White-Eyed
(Lv. 78)
Longhorn Golkonda
(Lv. 79)
Flower Crown (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Daimon Crystal (4.9%)
Daimon Crystal Fragment, 5-15 (44.97%)
Blue Pekingopera Mask (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Cherub Galaxia
(Lv. 79)
Queen Shyeed
(Lv. 80)
(Lv. 80)
Romantic Chapeau
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Shyeed's Bow (4.9%)
Shyeed's Bow Shaft, 5-15 (44.97%)
Crown (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Archer Hat (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Ketra's Hero Hekaton
(Lv. 80)
Varka's Hero Shadith
(Lv. 80)
Ketra's Commander Tayr
(Lv. 84)
Paiwan Hat (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Paiwan Hat (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Paiwan's Crown (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Varka's Commander Mos
(Lv. 84)
(Lv. 85)
(Lv. 86)
Paiwan's Crown (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Flag Cap (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Flowers Hat (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Ketra's Chief Brakki
(Lv. 87)
Varka's Chief Horus
(Lv. 87)
Soul of Fire Nastron
(Lv. 87)
Ninja Mask (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
General Hat (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Fancy Hat (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Soul of Water Ashutar
(Lv. 87)
Andreas Van Halter
(Lv. 87)
Fancy Hat (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)
Badass Cap (3.9%)
Drachmas 1-150 (60%)

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