Server Rates Server Rates

Server Chronicle: Interlude with Ertheia Graphics.

EXP - x5
SP - x5
Adena - x3.5
Drop - x2.7
Spoil - x2.7
Drop Keymats - x2
Spoil Keymats - x2

1-73 Level Raid Boss Drop:
       x4 for Equipment
       x1 for Keymats
       x4 for Enchants

74+ Level Raid Boss Drop:
       x2 for Equipment
       x1 for Keymats
       x4 for Enchants

RB EXP/SP - x7
Weight Limit - x2
Herbs - x1
Seal Stones - x1.5
Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll Chance: 56%
Blessed Scroll Chance: 60%

Quest Item Drop: x1
       Except* 3rd Class Quest (Halisha's Mark) - x2
       NEW! Supplier of Reagents - x2
       NEW! Exploration of the Giants' Cave 1 & 2 - x2

Quest Reward: x1
       Except* Guardians of the Holy Grail - x2
       Except* Seekers of the Holy Grail - x2

Server Features Server Features

Class Master located in every town & village.

1st Class transfer costs 150.000 adena or 2 Zeus Coins.
2nd Class transfer costs 3.000.000 adena or 5 Zeus Coins.
3rd Class transfer through retail quest or 15 Zeus Coins.
    (x2 Halisha's Mark drop rate)

Dances / Songs & Summon Buffs have 3 minutes duration but can be increased up to 5 minutes with Premium Account

Total buff slots 18 + 4 (Divine Inspiration)
Joining a Lv 5 Clan or more provides you with +2 buff slots.

Unique Newbie Guide provides you with buffs until 51 level but you can buff until 80 level with Premium Account
Buff time of the buffs received from Newbie Guide is 1 hour.

Droplist Calculator with search options in all the Items & Monsters database.

Soul Crystal Database helper.

Destroyer skill changes wearing a polearm:

Frenzy, character will attack up to 4 targets maximum when using a spear while affected by frenzy. Also he will receive -15% P. Attack while spear is equipped.

Guts, character will attack up to 4 targets maximum when using a spear while affected by guts. Also he will receive -15% P. Defense while spear is equipped.

Zealot, character will receive -15% zealot's bonuses when using a spear while affected by zealot.

Additional Information Additional Information

Automatic Loot system for monsters & raid bosses.
Maximum Clients per PC: 4
Skills are auto learned until level 40. After 40 level they require SP only to be learned.
Shift+Click on the monster shows you its droplist & chances.
Support classes have the ability to setup a buff store with a price of their choice.
There is 15% fee on the buff stores earnings which is added on the regional castle's vault.
Unique Clan War System:
    When 3 different members of a clan PK at least 1 member each of an enemy clan within 60 minutes, clan war is declared
        automatically on the attacker's side.

    On a Clan vs Clan action, once each clan defeates minimum 5 members of the enemy clan and the enemy clan does the same
        within 60 minutes, clan war begins on both sides.

Enemy war tags appear with orange colorname. (C4 like)
Required Clan Level to bid for a Clan Hall is 6.
Clan does not receive penalty after dismissing an academy member.
Secondary Password system with a 4 digit PIN code to unlock the character.
    Unverified accounts can be used with limited options.
    You can still share your account, but do NEVER give away your 4 digit PIN code.

Delivery of Special Liquor & Egg Delivery Quests starting level changed to 76 and 3rd Class required.
The Zero Hour Quest reward is decreased by 60%.
Overlord buffs affecting party members as well.
Skill "Restore Life" cannot be used on epic bosses but it can be used on normal bosses.
Dualsword Craft Stamp added in Merchant of Mammon for 3.000.000 Ancient Adena.
Restarting your character or being logged out of the game will not stop your self buff duration & your HP/MP/CP regeneration.

Vote Reward is a 12 hours duration Rune of Loyalty, providing 15% CP/HP/MP regeneration, 5% Atk. Speed by ,5% Casting Speed by and 4% Movement Speed.

Auction house available in Community Board for everyone, although only Premium Users may submit items for sale.
Trade Chat (+) has global range and works with 10 seconds delay accessible only by Premium Users.

Raid & Epic Bosses Raid & Epic Bosses

All the Raid Bosses respawn is 12-24 hours.
All the Sub-Class Raid Bosses respawn is 16-24 hours.
Noblesse Raidboss - Barakiel respawn is 12-16 hours.
Ant Queen respawn is 23-25 hours.
Core respawn is 35-37 hours.
Orfen respawn is 35-37 hours.
Zaken respawn is 43-45 hours.

Frintezza respawn is 48h-50h.
    1st Frintezza spawns 7th of February, 2019 - 21:00 GMT+2

Antharas respawn is 194 hours.
    1st Antharas spawns 8th of February, 2019 - 21:00 GMT+2

Valakas respawn is 264 hours.
    1st Valakas spawns 14th of February, 2019 - 21:00 GMT+2

Baium spawns on 5th/10th/15th/20th/25th/30th of each month from 21:00 until 24:00 GMT +2
    1st Baium spawns 11th of January, 2019)

Entering the Baium's Lair will open up a window to choose:
    If you are here for the Sub-Class Quest
    If you are here to Challenge the Raid

*Note: Choosing the Quest option, players that are challenging the baium won't be able to kill you and you will not be able to perform any action other than hitting Baium with Pipette Knife.

Baium should be defeated within 2 hours, else he will turn back to his stone form.
Baium's Lair, Antharas & Valakas Nest are combat zones.
No limit of players allowed to enter Antharas & Valakas Nest.

Grand Olympiad & Commands Grand Olympiad & Commands

2 weeks Olympiad Period, heroes every 1st and 15th of each month. 1st Olympiad Period begins 1st of February, 2019

Entering the Olympiad all cubics,pets or summons are getting erased, except Soultaker's.

Participants are healed fully on their CP/HP/MP when they enter in the stadium but not before the game starts.

Mages receive Acumen level 2 & Wind Walk level 2, Fighters receive Haste level 1 & Wind Walk level 2.

Using common craft and targeting your self with a special ability buff weapon will not provide any buff.

Olympiad operates only every Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Olympiad minimum participants requirement to start is 9.
Olympiad class based games are disabled.
    Opens up the user's control panel.

    This command will give you all the info you need about any item, any monster and their drop lists.

    Use this command to check the monsters you need to kill in order to Level up your Soul Crystal.

    Use this command to set your buffer-class character into buff store mode. Can be used outside of piece zone and in several areas on main towns.

    Use this command right after you voted in both banners in our website to receive a (12h Limited) Rune of Loyalty.

Castle Sieges Castle Sieges

Castle: Giran Castle
Lord: Hiko
Clan: swisS
Siege Date: Undecided
Castle: Rune Castle
Lord: Beyond
Clan: OriginalGang
Alliance: VsALL
Siege Date: Undecided
Castle: Goddard Castle
Lord: GiNdaS
Clan: LoOnEyTuNeS
Alliance: VsALL
Siege Date: Undecided
Castle: Aden Castle
Lord: AncientLord
Clan: Ancient
Alliance: VsALL
Siege Date: Monday 11th February

Gludio, Dion, Oren, Innadril & Schuttgart will be disabled at the beginning.


  • 1) Vote for on the following sites:

    2) Type the command .votereward in game chat to claim your Rune of Loyalty.

    Duration 12 Hours
    Increases your CP/HP/MP regeneration by 15%, Atk. Speed by 6%, Casting Speed by 6% and your Movement Speed by 4%.

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