Botting will be punished with Freezing Penalty & Botting Posion.
Botters that are lower than 61 level will face 2.000 minutes Freezing Penalty & 4.000 minutes Botting Poison.
Botters that are higher than 62 level will face 4.000 minutes Freezing Penalty & 8.000 minutes Botting Poison.

In order to report a bot, use petition in game and type the word "bot" and his character name.
Freezing Penalty
   It will freeze the user in his spot with a special animation. The penalty time does not pass if you are offline from the game.

Botting Poison
   Reduces your CP/HP/MP Regeneration by 10%, Atk. Speed by 4%, Casting Speed by 4%.


Only ENG & GR languages are allowed.
Swearing a hero player on hero voice, 2.000 minutes chat ban.
Swearing a non-hero player on hero voice, 3.000 minutes chat ban.
Using inappropriate language on hero voice in general, 3.000 minutes chat ban.
Flaming a GM Staff or using bad words regarding the "server" on hero voice, 4.000 minutes chat ban.


Flaming a GM Staff or using bad words regarding the server, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
Expressions like "Leaving Server,free items" or similar ones, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
Trading items on LineZeus for an other server kind of chats, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
Selling in game items for real currency, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
Impersonating of being GM in chat or pm, 4.000 minutes jail on all of your accounts.
Asking/Begging GM for items or services, 4.000 minutes jail on all of your accounts.


Scamming is a part of the game and GM's will never take action in any kind of scam reports.
GM's will NEVER recover your lost/stolen items.
GM's will NEVER ask you your account password, be careful of NEVER giving your account details to anyone.

Sharing your Account has a 50% chance of you getting scammed in the future.
   It's a risk a user takes trusting his friend or friends and sharing his login details, but in most of the times it results on an empty character or change on the account password.

Using a private store to scam by selling an item for an unusual price or using wrong text in store's description, 4.000 minutes jail.


  • 1) Vote for on the following sites:

    2) Type the command .votereward in game chat to claim your Rune of Loyalty.

    Duration 12 Hours
    Increases your CP/HP/MP regeneration by 15%, Atk. Speed by 6%, Casting Speed by 6% and your Movement Speed by 4%.

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